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Are you a small business owner? Or, maybe you own a large corporation? Either way, promotional banner stands will make an impact on your business. They are portable, practical and cost efficient. However, it is important to keep the design in mind. You want to catch the eye of your audience, but not overwhelm them. The success of your promotional banner stand lies in the design. In this blog, we give you all you need to know. We offer tips and tricks to help you bring traction to your business.

Benefits of Promotional Banner Stands

So, why should YOU use a banner stand? Banner stands are not only affordable but easy to use, and easy to protect. In all marketing environments, promotional banner stands provide substantial benefits. Lets check out a few of the most common factors:

Ease of Use. First and foremost, promotional banner stands are easy to use. They take only seconds to put up and take down. Simply take your banner out from the bag, and put it up. Thats it! If you are travelling from trade show to trade show, this will be a lifesaver. Not to mention, they need very little room. Therefore, they are a great addition to your marketing when space is limited.

Versatility. In addition to being easy to use, they are adaptable to your marketing needs. For example, you can keep the hardware and change out the graphic. In turn, you save money and have the flexibility to change your advertisment over time.

Portability/Protection. Promotional banner stands can be taken with you wherever you go. Once retracted, they can easily fit in the trunk of your car. Encased in a padded bag, your banner will be safe from dust and fading. More importantly, you minimize the risk of damage during transportation.

Customization. At Uptown Printing, we are able to fully customize your banner. From colours to size, we will meet your needs. Furthermore, we will work with you to ensure a design that represents your company. With our help, you can capture the attention of potential customers. You want them to remember your brand, not just see it.

Affordability. Uptown printing offers various options to fit your budget. Whether you are looking for big or small, we have them all.

Designing your Promotional Banner Stand

Creating a professional yet eye-catching graphic is of the upmost importance. Most of your audience will be on the go. Therefore, it is essential to capture their attention quickly and efficiently. So, how do you do that? Well, we have some come up with some surefire ways to help your brand get the attention it deserves.

  • To begin, remember that less is more. Allow some room for space on your banner stand. If you crowd your design, it will appear chaotic. Instead, make it a goal for your graphic to be subtle yet enticing.
  • Next, be sure to use professional images. Quality images uplift your branding, so choose carefully. Although tempting – avoid amateur photographers. Generally speaking, amateur pictures may not have the professionalism you require to create traction. It’s worth doing your research!
  • Choose colours that represent your brand, and stick to those colours. Consumers often associate your brand through colour and design. If you don’t have brand colours, stick to two primary colours with one accent colour. That’s all you need.
  • Use a “catch phrase”. Aside from marketing materials, every business needs a catch-phrase. If you don’t have one, you should. Using a tagline is another great way to help consumers remember your brand. Keep it short, but memorable.
  • Remember, eye level – is buy level. Stores stock items they want you to buy at eye level, and scatter the rest. Studies show this works! Thankfully, your banner works in the same way. Keep your most important graphics and headlines at eye level.

Is a Banner Stand My Only Option?

Of course not. The options are endless! Promotional banner stands are a great option for someone looking for versatility. However, Uptown Printing also specializes in creating impactful vinyl banners of all sizes. We can help you create the perfect banner for your indoor/outdoor needs. We also offer both single, and doublesided banners.

Consumerism continues to persist. Thus, we have learned to tune out advertising. For this reason, it is harder than ever for companies to get through to their consumers. You have a few seconds to grasp their attention. Keep your message short and sweet so to say.

Most importantly, make your message known. Use headlines and taglines. Quite often, an effective banner also uses an emotion tactic to engage viewers. All in all, create a message that inflicts action.

Designing Your Vinyl Banner

Background and Placing. To begin, determine the location of your banner. Remember, contrasting colours will help your ad stand out. Meaning, darker surroundings warrant lighter banners and vice versa. Aside from the colours, using a solid border on your banner creates distinction.

Text Choice. How far way will your consumers be? This is an important question in regards to banner placement. Use simple, large print. Large text can be read from a farther distance and may attract more people. Subsequently, using a simple font will be your best bet. Everyday fonts such as Times New Roman, Calibri, and Arial can easily be read from a distance. Save your fancy font for another time!

Material. Lastly, you want to consider what type of weather your banner is succeptible to. For indoor use, a standard vinyl banner will suffice. However, for use outdoors a mesh banner is suggested. With a mesh banner, the wind can easily flow through, keeping the position stable.

Banner stands are a long-lasting and affordable marketing medium. Get your banned designed by professionals who know all the tricks of the trade. Dont wait, help your brand shine, today!

Uptown Printing is located on Erb Street in East Waterloo. We offer collapsible or retractable banners, in full susceptible, at affordable prices. Visit Our Website to see the full range of products we offer. Alternatively, give us a call at 519-742-9080. We can’t wait to get your banner started!


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