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Are you looking for a new way to get through to your consumers? You may think that online advertising is your only option. However, now more than ever, print media proves its importance. For example, did you know that 92% of college students would prefer reading something in print over online? That’s a surprising amount! In fact, studies show people are actively looking for ways to ignore online ads. So, how do we get through the consumers? Modern day society may have led us to believe that traditional marketing is dead. However, we know it is still an essential part of any business plan. When you combine print with other media, it shows its strength. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

What is Print Media, Anyways?

Print media is one of the oldest forms of communication. In the beginning, people chiseled news into stone. Later, it turned into handwritten posters. However, in today’s age, you will see various types of print materials. From newspapers to giant billboards, print dictates the stories of more than just news. So, where might you see this type of traditional marketing? To name a few:

  • Direct Mail. Commonly used by businesses, direct mail helps to target a specific audience. Having a tangible item creates a connection with your consumer. With this type of communication, materials are delivered directly to their door. It feels personal. Brochures, flyers, and postcards are all examples of direct mail. If you would like more information on direct mailings – contact us!
  • Newspapers. When you think of print, you probably think of black and white newspapers. Rightfully so! They have been around for what seems like forever. If you are looking for local prospects, this may be your best bet. Many small businesses target local consumers this way. It’s both practical and cost-efficient.
  • Magazines. If you are looking to reach a broad target audience, magazines are an excellent choice. They are specialized and present with much better graphics. Additionally, people keep magazines around the house for longer. Therefore, they get read and seen more often!
  • Out of Home. You know those billboards you see every day on your way to work? That’s print media! Out of home advertising has become one of the most popular options. For instance, billboards, posters, and bench ads are all efficient ways to reach your consumers. With using a few words with bold colours and well-designed graphics, you will make an impact. We can assist you with your graphic designs – contact us today!

Advantages of Print Media

Many people think that digital media will soon replace print. We are here to tell you that they are wrong! Just ask a company like IKEA. A considerable part of their success comes from print media. With print, you can easily target a specific audience. Comparatively, you can also target particular geographical areas. Print media also allows you to budget and manage expenses easily. Yes, digital media allows for a wider reach with more flexibility. However, the results do not compare to the relationships you create with a print media strategy. Do you have a tight budget? Print marketing is more affordable. Besides this fact, using print media for your business will prove to have other advantages such as:

Tangibility. Brochures, posters and other publications are physical items. You can see and touch them. And, you are more likely to keep them around for longer. Digital marketing is often glanced at and deleted. It is that easy! We may see these ads, but we don’t absorb the information.

Credibility. Being credible is everything! It is important for readers to be able to trust what they see. Consumers want authenticity. While some online sources can provide credibility, many cannot. For this reason, print media increases brand loyalty far more than an online campaign.

Establish Your Brand. Isn’t that the whole point of advertising? Establish your brand and create a profit? Print marketing can help. It is the perfect opportunity to showcase the aesthetics of your business. Get your logo, fonts, and graphics out there! Remember, a well-recognized brand is a successful brand.

What’s more, print media drives memory. Studies show that people are more focused and less distracted when reading print. This allows for a deeper understanding.

Why Millennials Love It

Millennials are known to be digitally savvy. It is expected of them. So, does that mean that is the best way to advertise to them? Many marketers believe this to be true. However, as mentioned above, 92% of college students prefer print media. So, why are we still trying to reach them online? The answer is clear; do what is tested and true. Use traditional marketing materials to create value. Your consumers will thank you.

Firstly, you should understand why millennials love print media. Print creates a physical connection. They cannot hide the content with a click of a button if it is right in front of them. For this reason, traditional media is superior. As a group of people who grew up with every outlet available, simple is better.

Consequently, a millennial is more likely to understand your content. Without distractions, the focus remains on the ad. Keeping this in mind, you also want to consider the emotion factor. The most effective messages provoke emotions. When you create an emotional advertisement, you create a passion for your brand. Millennials need to feel an attachment to invest in a brand. You cannot achieve this through online campaigns alone. Although millennials spend more time online than others, the key lies in combining both traditional and digital media.

Above all, we must remember millennials now make up the most substantial part of the population. Therefore, it is time to take a step back and evaluate what’s important to them. We promise it’ll be worth the investment. Stand out from the competition. Don’t get lost in the blur.

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