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Mailing lists, a thing of the past or the wave of the future? Well, the answer to those questions is surprisingly, BOTH!
Uptown Printing can work with you, in helping you get mailing lists. We can get the list you need through Canada Post which offers a range of targeting options with the most comprehensive direct mail lists in Canada.

If you are looking to use a solid mailing list, then you have come to the right place. Click the "Request a Quote" button now to begin building your list today!

When you rent Canada Complete mailing lists, you access the biggest mailing lists in the country. You also get a wide range of targeting options to help you zero in on precisely the audience you want to reach. Lists are available for consumer and business target audiences. We can help you select targeting options and get prices.

Do you recognize the power of mail for your business or organization? We can make this process easy for you and also cut your postage rates. This is for Personalized Mail and Neighbourhood Mail, as Canada Post now calls them (formerly Addressed Admail and Unaddressed Admail).

Uptown Printing uses specialized equipment and expertise to be your complete printing and mailing house. We will print, fold, stuff, poly bag, label and mail your postcards, newsletters or magazines so you don't have to go to several different companies for these individual services.

Most importantly, for Personalized Mail, (400+ names) we use your provided customer or potential customer database (excel file) or rented Canada Post list, run it through the Canada Post approved software which allows us to give you nearly half off the regular postage rate.

Personalized and Neighbourhood Mail has been a proven success in marketing your company and products when the right message is used and now you have available even more targeting options. Let us help you market your company and more importantly, bring value to your target market and build brand recognition.

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