Graphic Design

We offer complete graphic design work as well as fine-tuning of your designs. We have various printing options for all of your needs.

Some of the examples of the various design work that we can do for you are: logos, stationary, flyers, postcards, mailers, signage, and so much more!

On your next printing project, hire an expert in graphic design and printing so you'll have a positive experience with good design creating a quality printed piece, all at a fair price.


Graphic Design is where I started my career. In my early years, I honed my skills, starting a wholesale graphic design business with the confidence of eight local printing companies as my steady customers. My background education was in coordinating the whole printing process from start to finish. Having also worked briefly at a few local printers and copy shops, and then starting Uptown Printing in 2001.

Since then, I have managed to aquire a skill set that gives me an advantage in the field of graphic design and printing.

One additional note: many designers might not want to bother with small projects like business cards, but at Uptown Printing, we are happy to do this type of work. We feel a business card, while small, really should be well designed. It is often the first, and sometimes the only piece of printed advertising that some businesses invest in.

When you want to create a memorable and favourable impression with those you meet, it is important to have a professional looking business card. Standard business cards or a wide variety of Premium Business Cards when well designed, can elevate your brand. I must admit too, I enjoy working on business cards. It can be a lot of fun!

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