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Uptown Printing is able to be a full service company with great prices because things are done a little differently here. To ensure you get great value, exceptional service and excellent quality, your needs are the focus and this is acheived by sourcing out the actual printing to trusted wholesale printers who are only focused on printing, leaving the personal service to me.

Having been in business for many years, I have the experience, understanding and patience to make sure your print job comes out fast and accurate.

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I am Steve Orr and I am an experienced print broker and graphic designer, having been in the industry since 1989. My goal is to attract and retain long term customers and give them the value of my expertise and provide for them full colour offset, digital printing, business forms, labels and many other products and services. I stand behind the printing and design services I provide, and I am sure you will be very satisfied.

Flyer Delivery Early Lessons - A Cautionary Tale


Since a very young age, I have been literally surrounded by flyers, magazines, post cards and other printed products. Imagine me, a short kid, looking up at a huge tower of papers to deliver, every month. This tower was taller than I was, and was precariously leaning against our garage door in my old neighbourhood. Sometimes more than even the one pile, all needing a speedy delivery.

This was my introduction to the world of print; where the smell of the printed page and my  blackened hands from the ink transfer, seems to have engaged my course, and put ink in my blood, so to speak.

Back then, I remember being a very active kid, often running wherever I was going. This was not quite so far back as the stories you hear from parents or grandparents, where they are walking to school barefoot, in the winter, uphill (both ways)... but it was back in the time when kids made their own way, to and from school, along sidewalks, or more often than not, through the woods, along a narrow, winding path behind the homes.

For me, this was in Waterloo, along Lincoln road, coming out at the top of the hill, overlooking the Moses Springer community centre on one side and across the street and down the hill to my public school, Harold Wagner (now a French language school).

Those were great times to grow up and a time to learn life lessons about hard work, integrity, trust and honesty.

As a budding entrepreneur and as a way to share my good luck, I remember clearly how one day I enlisted the help of an eager fellow classmate. The plan was in place and we went to pick up the papers from my house to start work.

To be fair, payment was to be given at the end of the job which we would both be working at. So as not to lose the money, through a hole in my pocket or some such thing, it was instead left in the unlocked garage, so I could give payment upon completion.

I thought my worst problems delivering flyers was the occasional dog. As a trusting kid, I then thought nothing suspicious was up when my friend... classmate I mean, “suddenly remembered he had to rush home”. Well, needless to say, the money was stolen and my hiring practices got a bit tighter after that. Not tight enough though, as I was going to learn.

So again, this time a best friend promised to cover my route when I was away for a couple weeks at camp, only to hear the shocking truth from my father that he saw my friend stuffing flyers down the sewer. I guess some rats and maybe the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles got to check out the advertising that week. I didn’t loose my job, but I was concerned, and rather hurt at the betrayal, but never broached the subject, as I suspected he would lie.

Now after many years away from the blackened hands of newspaper and flyer delivery, I can still understand the need for dependable flyer delivery services.

Back then, even my best friend was not reliable, so when I hear customers say their children will deliver their flyers, I have to wonder how well that will turn out. My experience tells me that kids will be kids, and it may be a better idea to get a professional delivery person to do the job if you want to see a return on your investment. Much of it comes down to knowing the right company.

As a graphic designer and print broker, I can ensure my clients get the best service possible, based on their needs and budget, (if they listen to me).

Is your criteria for the least expensive delivery method, which can be fine, depending on your needs, or do you feel more comfortable with other recommendations?

As the owner of Uptown Printing, your options can be explained and whatever you choose, rest assured your best interest in a successful marketing flyer delivery campaign is the top priority. I now mostly use the delivery services of Canada Post for both Personalized Mail (addressed admail) and Neighbourhood Mail (unaddressed admail). I can tell you for sure, there is no better option to ensure your flyers or postcards get to your target customer.

Other options available are flyer distribution companies, which I work with, are slightly less costly and if you don’t mind your flyer in with a whole mittful of others, there is even delivery through the local newspaper. These are all available and each option has advantages and different costs, which can be discussed.


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